The Best of 3-D Medical Imaging
3-D medical imaging is the newest advancement in the medical imaging industry, and it has proven to be highly effective in preventative measures as well as current imaging procedures; medicine has been revolutionized by 3-D imaging techniques. You may find this type of equipment in nearly every medical facility nationwide, and especially in prenatal care centers. 3-D imaging tools have proven to be high resolution, low cost; and depending on how this method is used; lower in radiation dosages than 2-D methods. All around, this method is one of the most innovative in the industry. Here at Desert Tech Medical Systems, we pride ourselves on the fact that not only do we offer tools of this caliber, but several other brands and equipment as well.

Desert-Tech-Medical-Systems-3-D-medical-imaging3-D technology has literally changed the way that doctors and patients interact with visiting the human body, but sometimes “old-trusty” is the more dependable method that you may not want, or need to change from. Here at Desert Tech we offer top-of-the-line medical imaging equipment for sale so that whatever your needs, you have the option to decide on your best selection through us.

We offer only the best in digital imaging tools, and this is why we have been so successful in our business for over twenty years. We provide Canon, FujiFilm, Quantum, NeoRay and GE AMX tools for your medical facility whether the system is for births, pulmonary, cardiology, traumatology or even neurology work. Our knowledge on equipment does not end with only the products that we provide, as we provide support and service to a wide variety of equipment lines, including: Siemens, Hitachi MRI, Shimadzu, Ziehm, OEC and RadPro. We are truly your one-stop-shop when it comes to medical imaging systems. Offering a full range of digital radiography equipment as well as a wealth of knowledge of digital x-ray systems maintains our sense of pride in this line of business.

Dependable Medical Imaging Equipment Expertise
We want you to be able to depend on us whenever you need us, and this is why we offer 24-7 support, whether it is on-call or after hours.  We have the ability to repair equipment, offer preventative maintenance, suggest and implement upgrades, and provide advice and handling of room design, installations and moving. At Desert Tech Medical, we want to be the best for you so that you may provide the best for your customers and patients. Although you may have already purchased your main piece of equipment from another company, know that you can depend on us to keep you afloat when they may not. When looking to purchase new 3-D medical imaging equipment or simply receive some tips, feel free to reach out to us.