Choosing Your Ideal Tool from a Variety of Medical Imaging Companies

When you are looking for versatility and dependability, it is a vastly important thing to have a variety of medical imaging companies to decide from. Here at Desert Tech Medical Systems we have a huge selection of medical imaging equipment and x-ray systems to choose from, and with our expertise and knowledge we will have you with the most ideal tool in no time. With over twenty years of family owned and operated experience, our whole business model is themed on keeping medical facilities thriving. Starting out, we created a company designed to provide quality, cost-effective maintenance for radiology equipment, and we have been able to maintain this and expand upon this over the years. Now we offer a wide variety of tools and equipment, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of differing companies so we may service equipment that we do not even offer.

Advanced Medical Imaging Choices

Desert-Tech-Medical-Systems-Medical-Imaging-CompaniesWe provide only the best equipment for our clients, as we know how important it is to have quality images taken for your clients. We offer brands such as Canon, FujiFilm, Quantum, NeoRay, and GE AMX. These brands are highly dependable and are some of the most common you will find in medical facilities throughout the country. However, you may have not made your first purchase through our company, and it is time to upgrade the tools you are using now, not to worry! We provide technical support and upgrades for Siemens, Hitachi MRI, Shimadzu, Ziehm, OEC, and RadPro. So no matter the brand you are using now, keep in mind that you have a dependable resource within us.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an up-to-date knowledge and level of experience on several medical imaging companies so that we may offer maintenance, repairs, upgrades, preventative maintenance, room design, various applications, and even installations. We do not want to leave you high and dry when the other guys are already off of work and not answering their Help Center calls! We are the guys that you can trust, as we offer a 24-7 tech support service. We are always available, on-call or after hours.

Here at Desert Tech Medical Systems, we possess the knowledge of service and tools for even the most advanced medical imaging tools. There is no reason that you should feel alone when working with a new piece of equipment, or one that is not working the way that it used to. Our goal is that you feel comfortable with the tools that you are using, and we maintain this effort by aiding you in any way that we can. Look to us for all of your medical imaging company questions.