Canon Medical Systems


Canon Medical Systems offers a full range of Digital Radiography (DR) solutions for every general radiographic application. Whether you are looking to replace an entire traditional Rad Room or enhance your X-ray room with a digital retrofit, Canon will help your hospital or imaging center find the perfect digital solution.

FujiFilm CR Systems




Computed Radiography System From the inventor and world’s leading manufacturer of digital X-ray systems.

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Quantum Medical Imaging Digital Systems



Quantum Medical Imaging Digital Systems – Designed by a team of engineers with extensive input from technologists, Q-Rad Digital systems are highly refined for logical and efficient operation. This unique approach to system development simplifies digital radiographic examinations and assures that Quantum products meet the growing needs of digital radiology. Q-Rad-Digital Systems provide precision and reliability through “Smart-System Design” Technology.

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GE AMX portable x-ray unit

GE AMX Series Mobile X-ray Systems. We carried the most extensive stocked inventory of high quality remanufactured, reconditioned, refurbished, new and used AMX-4, AMX-4 Plus and limited Definium AMX-700 replacement parts. We also offers End-of-Life parts for older obsolete GE AMX-110, AMX-II and AMX-III Mobile X-Ray at significant discounts.




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